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ONSO - Online New Student Orientation:

The College currently offers New Student Orientation Sessions prior to each fall and spring term. Each session consists of students participating on campus in a 4-hour interactive series of informative talks, workshops and a campus tour. 

The College will develop an online new student orientation that can be completed without visiting campus so that all students are familiar with campus procedures,  are more prepared to participate in college life and know how to access services as needed.  The online format will serve the needs of students that cannot attend the face-to-face orientation due to other obligations and the needs of our growing online student population.

Glossary of Key Terms (.docx, 22K)

Our Key Terms to include in our resources.

Photo List Updated for Redesigned Flow (.docx, 15K)

All files renamed to reflect new module flow.

President's Welcome (.mov, 10611K)
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Current Storyboards
Module Status (.docx, 12K)

Are current status on edits and returns to Focus EdVation by module.

Photo List (.docx, 16K)

The current photo list, updated to reflect the orientation flow redesign.

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